Books That Influenced My Young Imagination…

Childhood Encyclopedias

Thy will be done.

God’s way is clear and simple.

Let us not cloud the highest vision and dream

for our lives with unclear thinking and noisy thoughts.

Our imaginations are meant to soar,

not to be fettered by heavy perceptions of life.

Our sublime minds are free like a bird when

our perceptions are light with the beauty of our truths.

~ Dana Rondel, Rise & Reach


Who remembers when a salesperson showed up at the door to sell you or your parents a case of encyclopedias… I do… Being a child who enjoyed learning, it was a treat to get a new set of books with stimulating, colorful and vibrant images… My older brother and I may not have been able to pronounce or read each word printed on the pages, but we could easily make up a story using the graphic designs and pictures we saw on the pages… It was indeed an enriching experience for me and my older brother (My younger brother was born several years later, nonetheless, the same books were part of his life)… We were quite lucky to have parents who loved books and who kept them around the house… Both of my parents are creatives, so we were also exposed to a lot of art throughout our younger years, and we still are… With educational and life enhancing books, art, music and nature our imaginations could only soar…

Age has no relevancy when it comes to learning… As I look at the encyclopedias that have been with my family since I was a child, I can’t help but want to flip through their pages… I wonder what journey my imagination will take now… Will I see things differently… Will I find new things within the pages that I hadn’t seen before… How will my current perspectives be shaped or changed, although the information in the books is still the same… Hmmmmm… I’ll have to take another thorough look and see…What about the titles… They are quite intriguing to me too…Some of the titles are just one word, but the words by themselves had the ability to attract my attention… and I am sure others’… WaterMatterWeatherTime… Maybe it took more than words to attract my young mind… The images on the hard covers probably caught my attention first and foremost… Either way, I enjoyed the books brought into our home…

I am truly thankful to have parents and a family, overall, who love learning and creating… Both my home schooling and public, social education have instilled in me many gifts, one of them being openness… Openness has allowed me to freely and healthily grow and develop in myriad ways… My self-journey of growth and development has taught me that there will never in life be one means or path to becoming who and what I become… I pray we all will become the persons who we’ll always tremendously love and respect… The journey starts at home… Home for us may not be the same… look the same… have the same structure… be in the same neighborhood… town… state or country… have the same mother… father… parents… have siblings… have books or much art… but home will always introduce to us perceptions of life that will be instrumental in shaping our young and adult minds… May our minds always see and experience what makes them smile…

We have the capacity and potential to always be a blessing in our own lives, in the lives of others and in this magical and magnificent world of ours…

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