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BUILD: Build Upward Inspire Lives Divinely is a global community initiative led by Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND), a 501(c) (3), Spiritual Center, Temple and Foundation focused on fostering a culture of holistic health and well-being through the creative arts and natural (organic) sciences.

The intention for BUILD is: Acquiring, designing, renovating, restoring and/or building ecologically friendly, environmentally sound and sustainable lands and properties in the United States and abroad for the purpose(s) of developing WIND spiritual retreat and nature resort communities and WIND eco-friendly, sustainable and organic agricultural garden and small farm conservancies… Sites include historic lands and structures and nature preserves…

Land Stewardship. Since a young age, I’ve been taught to love and honor Nature, our natural lands and environment. My first work experience was at 9 years old. During the summer I worked with a team of children and adults in Hartford, Connecticut at local parks and recreational centers. Together, our responsibility was to ensure that environments where children played and where adults could find enjoyment and relaxation were kept clean and green. This experience helped to positively shape my young mind and continues to foster in me an optimistic outlook regarding sustainability in practice.

Continuing the practice of sustainability. I have continued to work along side family, friends, communities and organizations to develop and grow eco-friendly organic gardens (small farms) on my own lands as well as on the lands of neighboring communities and organizations. Doing so, has encouraged a sense of well-being and cooperative service for each of us involved in land conservation and preservation and growing a garden or small farm organically. Direct involvement in sustainability practices has also contributed to the increasing number of individuals, communities, organizations, including small and large businesses, becoming more involved in land stewardship. 

A steward of our lands. It is my intention to work and partner with individuals, communities, organizations, including small and large businesses, to continue the practices of sustainability, conservation and preservation. Fostering traditional, new and innovative ideas, ways and technologies show our reverence and appreciation for Nature, our natural lands and environments. 

Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND) and BUILD are partnering and collaborating with regional and nationwide organizations, including KNOX, Hartford, the National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP), and National Park Service (NPS) to restore, develop and sustain local and national parks across the country here in the United States. These parks will serve as beautiful greenscapes with spectacular scenic views to benefit humankind in the pursuit of rest, leisure and recreation and to sustain one’s universal health and well-being. These parks can be found in urban and rural environments and in private and public spaces.

A Garden of Bright and Vibrant Tulips

BUILD has also introduced into its community initiative the GARDEN & SMALL FARM TO TABLE AND SCHOOL endeavor. The intention of  BUILD: GARDEN & SMALL FARM TO TABLE AND SCHOOL is to share via in-person group gatherings and on-line classes and workshops how to develop sustainable, organic, vegan gardens and care for and grow veggie, fruit and herb plants. This program focuses on giving individuals (adults and school age children) an experiential learning experience as well as instructional guidance throughout a 3 – 4 month period. At the end of the program, a write-up along with a completed project will be required before a program certificate is offered to the apprentice.

The Golden Daffodil

What artist, so noble, has often been my thought, as he, who with far reaching conception of beauty and designing power, sketches the outline, writes the colours, and directs the shadows of a picture so great that Nature shall be employed upon it for generations, before the work he has arranged for her shall realize his intentions.

If we analyze the operations of scenes of beauty upon the mind, and consider the intimate relation of the mind upon the nervous system and the whole physical economy, the action and reaction which constantly occur between bodily and mental conditions, the reinvigoration which results from such scenes is readily comprehended, … The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it, and thus, through the influence of the mind over the body gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system.

~ Frederick Law Olmsted

Natural Beauty In Nature, Elizabeth Park & Conservancy, Hartford, CT

The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes…

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you…

Space is the breath of art…

~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Harmony In An Urban Greenscape W/ A Friendly Visitor, A Blue Herring Bird, Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT

Contact: Dana Rondel Olmsted (BUILD Lead)

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