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Dana Rondel is an extraordinary and magical writer, speaker, artist, spiritual advisor and community leader. She is the author of children’s books, novels, short stories, anthologies, essays, poetry and more…
Dana is also the Founder and Spiritual Leader over Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND) Foundation, Spiritual Center and Temple, a panoptic church focused on building stronger ecumenical communities, nationally and internationally. She is also the Founder, Lead Writer and Creative Designer over Partners In Goodwill; a publications and media company focused on creating and producing inspirational content for all media platforms, and Founder and President over Omniversal Life International (OLI), a Life and Leadership Academy and Program. During her creative career and since establishing her organizations, she has had the opportunity to write, design and publish phenomenal works of literature and art. For more information about Dana and her work, visit: windinc.org
Dana has recognized through her experience as a writer, artist and minister that lives can be miraculously transformed through music, literature and art, simply because individuals witness spiritual and human qualities of themselves within brilliant expressions and affirmative reflections. In many of her encounters and conversations with adults and children she garnered a deeper understanding of the transformative powers of The Word, therefore, she not only uses letters and symbols to communicate the thoughts, emotions and feelings of humanity, she also uses visual forms and images. Her collection of photography,The Word: In Visual Form, is simply a storybook of metaphoric reflections that have been given new dimensions. In other words, photography has given Dana an opportunity to breathe life into—The Word.
Currently, Dana spends much of her time writing inspirational content: scripts, articles, essays, stories and performance pieces, capturing through her camera’s lens, powerful and vibrant images, sharing readings from her work while accompanied by a soloist or live band and lecturing around the country. Her talks focus on what it takes for individuals to build and empower their own lives and communities. She says, “It is very easy for many of us to focus on the “unpleasant” conditions and circumstances of our lives, but what if we change our perspectives by simply replacing the narrow glass lens of the mind with a new one, allowing us to see our lives and the world from a more healthy and life-affirming view? Would it still seem impossible to live life beautifully?”
Dana speaks before small and large groups and is known to teach and deeply inspire her audience. She has created national and international movements and an on-line anthology. Dana received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and Humanities from Wesleyan University. Upon graduating from college, she was hired by a Fortune 500 company where she spent thirteen years working in
the field of Information Technology. Subsequent to completing her first novel, she left her corporate position so she could fully experience, for the rest of her life, the Creative World. Dana has been recognized by Who’s Who of Professional Women, Black Collegian Magazine, The Hartford Courant and INROADS. She has received the Leadership For The 21st Century Award, Operating Values Award for community service and the People’s Choice Award for community service. She is also affiliated with several organizations…
Her first novel, A Flower: It Has Its Own Song, was nominated for two categories by the Annual African American Literary Awards in 2007, The Sunflower and Rose was nominated for Best Children’s Book in 2010. All of Dana’s written works can be purchased via her web site or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and most other on-line bookstores.
Contact Dana Rondel:

1.888.609.9595 (Tel./Fax).
God manifests miracles through man, so let us all recognize our power to transform lives. ~Dana Rondel

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