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All books written by Dana Rondel and published by Partners In Goodwill can be found at:, Barnes & Noble and For our current product line by Dana Rondel and Partners In Goodwill visit one of the above stores online… and/or see books below…

The latest release is “Rise & Reach: Life and Leadership.” This book is filled with wisdom, inspirational messages and gentle reminders regarding our greatest and highest spiritual and human potentials. Most importantly we learn that our most invaluable resources are within our own minds and hearts…

You are who and what you think you are…Be the most phenomenal expression of  YOU… You are more than worthy of such a life…

~Dana Rondel

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Rise & Reach Hard Cover

Purchase a copy of “Rise & Reach: Life and Leadership.” Tax and shipping included…


A Flower Soft Cover

Purchase a copy of “A Flower: It Has Its Own Song.” Tax and shipping included…


Death Has Wings Soft Cover

Purchase a copy of “Death Has Wings.” Tax and shipping included…


The Gathering of Daughters Hard Cover

Purchase a copy of “The Gathering of Daughters.” Tax and shipping included…


Mahogany Soul Rise Hard Cover

Purchase a copy of “Mahogany Soul Rise.” Tax and shipping included…


May Every Voice Sing Hard Cover

Purchase a copy of “May Every Voice Sing.” Tax and shipping included…


The Sunflower and Rose Hard Cover

Out of Stock…


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