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WIND Foundation & Friends is Wisdom In New Dimensions’ (WIND) philanthropic foundation which receives contributions from our sponsors, other philanthropic organizations, community, partners and friends, nationally and internationally, for the purpose of supporting our church and global initiatives. The philanthropic branch of Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND) is called “WIND Foundation & Friends” to recognize not only the work that is supported and completed through our church but the work that is done through our sister organizations, Omniversal Life International (OLI) Life & Leadership Academy and Partners In Goodwill Publications & Media, also known as our “Friends.” Contributions made directly to WIND Foundation & Friends benefit our church, Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND), as well as our sister organizations, Omniversal Life International (OLI) and Partners In Goodwill. Contributions can be made on-line, through our gift-form accessible via our main web site’s Home Page or by check. Please make checks out to:

Wisdom In New Dimensions and mail to: P.O. Box 415, Hartford, CT 06141. I am grateful for your support and am so excited about the continued growth and achievements of each of our organizations. May your life always be blessed as well…


 Your are a beautiful expression of life. Be inspired to Be You

– Dana Rondel

Visit the Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND) Facebook On-Line Shop.

Questions and Comments:

1.888.609.9595 (Tel./Fax)


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