The Gathering of Daughters… We Are Not A Movement… We Are Movement…


“In yourself, and in others…

be the one who finds the GOLD.”

~ Proverbs 11:27

We are not a movement… We are movement… These words beautifully express the energy and vitality of The Gathering of Daughters (TGOD), a global community founded to celebrate, honor and recognize women in all cultures and walks of life…  I began developing this community between years 2007 and 2010. After the third year of visioning and a bit of hand and foot work, more clarity came regarding what The Gathering of Daughters represented, not only for women in my local community, but for women all over the world… Women would further know themselves as magnificently instrumental beings… with bodies, minds, hearts and voices, who have what is required to keep life moving forward in a healthy, joyful and progressive way… Women have no reason to be shy about being lovingly bold, thoughtfully provocative and uniquely expressive… Bringing out from ourselves, and sharing with others, ingenious, original and superior means of existing and co-existing is not new… It’s our way…

Although women have continually enhanced humanity’s quality of life, we weren’t always publicly recognized for our contributions… Some of us wanted to remain behind the scenes, enjoying a more discreet persona. Some of us wanted to be the messenger and deliverer of our own ideas and inventions, yet we hadn’t discovered how to create the platform to do so… In either scenario, we still cultivated and supported humanity’s movement toward higher awareness and personal and professional growth… Today, we are continuing this walk forward… Today, more women are stepping from behind the scenes and we are making ourselves visible… Today, we are creating stronger and steadier national and international platforms for our work and careers… Today, we give ourselves permission to show who and what we genuinely are… We love our minds… We love our hearts… We love our bodies… We love our voices… We celebrate, honor and acknowledge our own achievements and the achievements of other women… And we love that our men and youth are doing the same…

I am truly grateful and excited about what more is coming for us all… I am grateful and excited that the ways in which we bring about healthy changes and initiatives for all existence have become pervasive… I am grateful and excited we are seeing the intrinsic value of empathetic, cooperative and meaningful relationships and endeavors… we are seeing people as people… human beings as human beings… I am grateful and excited we are, individually and collectively, nurturing our natural environments, fostering clean communities, loving and living peacefully with our animal friends and being more responsible in our everyday doings… It is not just women who are encouraging this way of life through our words and deeds, it is humanity overall… We all have the capacity to be great role models and leaders in our world… Women, men and our youth… We all have the capacity to teach what it takes to do so, yet, a woman is the very first mentor had by children who then become adults… Mentorship begins the day of conception… In the womb of a woman a child experiences the energy, the vibrations, the rhythms, the visions, the voice and more of his/her mother… In the womb is where life begins… In the womb is where humanity begins… Let us continue to recognize, as women, the role that is inherently ours, whether we are behind the scenes or present before others… Our influence on the lives of others is immeasurable… How we influence others is fundamental… Let pure love, love without fear, be the seed that gives birth to everything we hope for, everything we dream and everything we make true for our lives…

The Gathering of Daughters was conceived and cultivated in pure love… It is a community that knows the importance of healthy development and growth…It is a community that has moved through infancy, to adolescence to maturity… It is a community that will always foster the well-being of all people and all life… It is a community that will always celebrate, honor and acknowledge the beauty and brilliance of not only the women who are part of this community, but, too, our amazing men and awesome youth… We are a humanity that matters, first and foremost, because we believe and know we do…

Learn more about The Gathering of Daughters at … Join our community on Facebook… This year, 2017, has been a glorious year for women… Stay tuned… So much more good to come… BIG Smile…


The Gathering of Daughters book was published in 2010. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, make sure you do… You will be greatly inspired… It is available at and

We have the capacity and potential to always be a blessing in our own lives, in the lives of others and in this magical and magnificent world of ours…

biashedo™ ~ My Universe Is Friendly… Inside and Out… And So Is Yours… Grace… Love… Prosperity… Always sending forth light and love… :o)

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