Track Eight: Feelin’ (So)ul Liberated … My Recycled Life… Within The Compilation of (Un)Framed Music… #NudeMusic …

Feelin Soul Liberated Finished

Choose Life… So That You May Live…

~ Deuteronomy 30:19


I am here to live now… To be who and what my own mind and heart affirm for me…

Insight says to me… Your life does not reflect past life experiences… I am not living out old realities and retold stories… I am not harmonizing relationships of present or periods before… I am not moving through karmic circles or cycles… I am not expressing in quality or character symbolic myths of times gone… I am not moving through a series of simulated existences and dualities… I am not knowingly or unknowingly participating in astral occurrences or fantasies projected by the minds of others…  I am not living others’ past, present or future nor are others’ living mine… My life does not consist of visual distortions and/or otherwise of my own or others’ healthy truths… My own organic energy is not entangled with the energetic experiences of other lives of yesterday or today… Each day I begin with a clear conscious, wherein my imagination freely creates pleasant and beautiful dreams… I am here to live now… My soul is new and forever free…

My walk within visible and non-visible omni-scapes and tangible land-scapes is for me… serendipitous moments and treasurable experiences… While I thoughtfully make my life on each journey, I invite its whimsical surprises and limitless schooling… Infinite knowing at all times expresses its self to me, yet I can only partially translate portions of what I learn in words… For it is knowledge that, sincerely, can only be lived… Truth is alive… It breathes… My truth is… Me.

I’ve been told I have an old soul… A self that reflects not age, but imparts timeless and intuitive wisdom… I am grateful for this endowment of life… To be entrusted with gifts of ancient knowledge… gifts of enlightenment… Although there are many dateless teachings, the foundations of these teachings are these… The laws of truth render simplicityThe hands of love render humilityAnd the greatest gift that Life gives to me is… MeThe greatest gift that Life gives to you is… You

The presence of eternal calm abides in Me… Its light invariably guides me toward the harmonic symphony of my own womb… The pause of inner rest quietly and gently comforts and nurtures me… as the pulse of internal rhythms build and sustains me… I live (re)created… I live invigorated… I live delivered… I live (re)awakened… I live up-lifted… I live alive… I live life… I live love… I live… Feelin’ (So)ul Liberated… For I live, indeed, free

The past has been lived… I shall not live it again… I am born free… I am here to live now…     

biashedo™ ~ My Universe Is Friendly… Inside and Out… And So Is Yours…


Stay tuned for track 9 of 17… There’s more Nude Music coming your way… Life is Good

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