The Treasures That Are Found… Are Answers To Our Prayers…


“And above all, 

watch with glittering eyes

the whole world around you

because the greatest secrets are always

hidden in the most unlikely places.

Those who don’t believe in magic

will never find it.”

~Roald Dahl

Life is a treasure… I have no actual definition of life… I simply live in the beautiful ways that I know, and explore and experience life as deeply as I can… Having a mature spirit makes it inevitable for me to live more deeply, whether or not I am conscious of such… I, too, seem to be moved toward embracing without fear the unknown… I was always encouraged by loved ones to imagine a life I thought would be perfect for me… and to be open to the extraordinary magical moments and manifestations of the unknown… The unknown, or surprises, come forth for me, have truly blessed me in ways indescribable… If I had to say anything about these surprises, it would be this, my gratitude has immeasurably increased… I am truly thankful… 

Life has found me… and I have found life… I did not stumble upon life by accident… I look upon my own material reflection… and know I was born into a physical world… I am visible, as is the world I see before and around me… It is a glorious world… It is abundant and prosperous… It is without lack and limitation… It gives to us the amazing and life-affirming gifts we request of it… It plainly asks of us… be wise… be of good nature… consider the life of others… be specific… be faithful… be open… be receptive… be real… be who and what makes you smile every morning when you awake… and every night before you quiet yourself for rest and sleep… be authentically YOU… YOU are your greatest treasure that could ever be imagined… created… found…

Other things found… After my family’s latest move, my mother and I were in storage organizing our things, letting things go and cleaning up what needed to be… Mom picked up a medium sized green box with small gold designs painted on it… She handed it to me… Inside was an angel given to me by a woman I called “my other mom.” Patricia gave it to me one Christmas during the early 90s. Patricia, my other mom, transitioned in 2007. I had my angel in my house with me until moving in 2010. She appeared again this year in 2017, in a place and space I wasn’t expecting to see her. Yet, there she was… Made present to me once again by my biological mother… A reminder that my prayers are always answered… Even during the unknown, there are still the truths of life and love… I am fully and vibrantly alive… Love is constant… My angels are always with me… wherever I am… whether alone or with company… I am always full with gratitude… Life is forever in motion… during the pulse… and during the pause…

The pulse… The pause… Movement is just as important as stillness… Of course, we undoubtedly know this… The body continues to perform at optimal levels even during periods of rest… the heart beats… breathing is constant… our blood flows uninhibited… cells renew themselves… skin regenerates and so forth… Life is quite miraculous… What’s even more extraordinary is that we don’t have to tell our bodies to be healthy, they simply perform the required functions necessary to create and sustain themselves… God clearly knew how to make perfect art-forms—each of us…

Thoughts regarding the primitive intuitiveness of our bodies have come to mind plenty, especially over these last several years… Mostly because of my interest in holistic health and well-being… What has been the impetus for such interests… My life as an artist and athlete… I am quite sure I was born to be both during this life-time… The ability to imagine magnificent works inspired by a sound mind, as well as portray them in various spontaneous and/or choreographed activity is profound to me… I can perform art in a place and space of stillness… I can create art in a place and space of movement… I can make art in a place and space of silence… I can manifest art in a place and space of audible sound… Truth is, stillness, movement, silence and audible sound are art… Each are music whether seen with the visible eye or not…  Our hearts are, too, music… Perfectly designed instruments… Splendid works of art… Uniquely crafted treasures—no heart is the same—given to each one of us by Omnipresent God… Allowing us to experience ourselves and others as solely love… in stillnessin movementin silencein audible sound…  Each being Life… Each being me… Each being you… Each being us


We have the capacity and potential to always be a blessing in our own lives, in the lives of others and in this magical and magnificent world of ours…

biashedo™ ~ My Universe Is Friendly… Inside and Out… And So Is Yours… Grace… Love… Prosperity… Always sending forth light and love… :o)

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