Track Five: Self ~ (In)age… My Recycled Life… Within The Compilation of (Un)Framed Music… #NudeMusic

Self In_Age Finished

Youthfulness… It’s a way of being… A way of life lived from within… Truthfully, I’m not sure I have ever completely become an adult, and I’m not sure that I ever will… I love the carefreeness of being like a child… I love honest laughter… Joy-filled play… an always curious nature… the freedom in living without defining my experiences, and without expectations… Instead, I prefer to simply let myself go to fully live each moment… I’ve been told plenty occasions… it matters how I present myself to the world… I must admit, at times how I present myself really does matter… I’ve also been told… “Act your age…” Recalling my responses to this latter request is irrelevant… Nonetheless, if one were to speak such a thought to me now, I am not sure how I would reply, but I might raise an eyebrow, although one might prefer that I literally raise myself up… to certain standards, that is… Stand properly… Close your legs when you have a dress or skirt on… Place your clothes upon you correctly… Don’t show so much of yourself… You are a woman, so act like a lady… etc.. etc… etc…

When someone asks my mother her age, she seems to always respond with the same answer, “It doesn’t matter.” And that is the end of it… I never understood why my mother chose not to share her biological age… Her response always caused me to murmur under my breath, “What’s wrong with her? What’s the big deal in sharing her age?” It was always a pleasure to tell mine, when I was asked… I blurted out the numbers openly, “I’m…” To this day, I freely share my biological age, while simultaneously reflecting on how my mother usually responds… During these more mature years of my life, I revisited my mother’s response to the age question… What I learned is this… to entirely respect and love her way… Long ago, probably before I was born, my mother decided not to let the world define for her what age should mean or look like… What she taught me is, self-evolvement has nothing to do with society’s standards of change, rather it entails that we come to a fuller understanding of our own personal requirements for a truly healthy, meaningful and well-lived life…

When does it matter? How I present myself? It matters when I am considering who and what I want to be, not for the world, but for me… What are my personal preferences…  This question has to do with more than just my appearance and clothing picks… In the looking glass of life, I engage my own mind and heart, and come to a deeper knowing as well as answers to this question regarding my personal preferences and to the questions that follow… What do I want my life to look like, overall? The details are not so much my focus, as is my way of being, my way of life… How will I show up for me today? Wherever I’ll be… What will be my age? My response for the age question has more often become, ‘I am ageless.’  I have learned that peace, love, joy, happiness, prosperity and more of what especially adds value to our lives have no age or appearance requirements… But all of our questions are worthy of our most honest answers…

Glancing into a physical looking glass I might ask… What style do I want my hair in…  Which outfit best expresses my inner rhythm… What shoes match my mood? Will I wear a hat or not? Will I color my lips and put shadow over my eyes… Does my attire call for fashion frames today? In these matters, isn’t it wonderful to accept yourself, first and foremost, entirely as you are, regardless of your body size and shape and how long you’ve lived, physically… When we do, everything stands out more, our hair style, our clothing, our shoes, our facial make-up, if relevant, of course… because we ourselves are what actually make what we decide to put on beautiful, prettier, more exciting, etc… instead of the opposite… Some of us have lived life in reverse… We have thought that things are what make us more beautiful, prettier, more noticeable… It’s okay… Each moment is a new one… Each hour is a new one… Each day is a new one… Whether it be in the moment, the hour or the day, we will always have the choice to turn things around so that each of us ( YOU) are the COMPLIMENT(S) to LIFE

In saying all that I’ve stated so far… does the way I stand matter? It does to me… Whatever way I stand, it will feel and be natural… It might be a dancer’s pose, in an athlete’s ready composure, in a child-like, carefree stance, with my navel pulled in, my spine completely erect and my posture, lady-like… Does the way I sit matter? It does to me… However I sit, it will reflect how comfortable and at ease I am with myself… I might be seated in a butterfly form, with my legs slightly or entirely open or closed, with my skirt or dress partially or fully covering or above my knees, with my legs crossed, and so forth… Does it make me less or more of a lady if my breasts, arms or legs are more visible depending on what I’ve put on or have taken off… Here’s my perspective… I’m always, wholly, a lady… My stand, my seated position, what I put on or take off have never defined me or my life… And though I have heard more than enough definitions and descriptions regarding who and what I am, the amazing thing about growing up (at least partially), is that I get to decide what I’ll actually wear, an age… a label… an appearance… a style… a type of clothing … a kind of shoe… You get the point… It is awesome to be like a child and be a woman, a lady, at the same time… I love life… And Life loves me…

Self Affirmation: What really, really, really matters… is how I see and experience myself… I set the tone for how the rest of the world will see and experience me…

I love the baby picture of me in the above photo, mostly because, like the adult version of me, the earlier self that I was…was also free… Can’t you tell… Even then she sat with her legs open although she was wearing a dress… (smile)…

biashedo™ ~ My Universe Is Friendly, Inside and Out… And So Is Yours…


Stay tuned for track 6 of 17… There’s more Nude Music coming your way… Life is Good

Photography: Partners In Goodwill (P.I.G.) ~

Imagery Concept: Partners In Goodwill (P.I.G.) ~

Sustainable (Un)Clothing : Unif(eyed) Colors Campaign (UCC) ~

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