Track Three: (Bi/Be)rth… My Recycled Life… Within The Compilation of (Un)Framed Music … #NudeMusic

Self Birth Finished III

(Bi)rthBi ~ Occurring twice… Form and formless being made one is who and what I am… Before anyone could see me as form I was unseen, formless, yet still whole, complete and perfect… My development into physical form was first, nurtured by the soundless music of Life, followed by the organic symphony of rhythmic vibrations in my mother’s womb… The life of God gave me life… The life of my parents gave me form… The life of me, my own heartbeat, gave me breath… Each of us, spiritual human-beings, are immaculate conceptions in and of Highest Presence, birthed into the wombs of our mothers… From there we are welcomed into the world as born again, our second birth into the world of matter… Full consciousness with us… in order that we again experience ourselves as whole, complete and perfect in body…

Who and what we are in the world, foremost, comes by way of primal intuitiveness, a knowing that conveys to us we are more than physical beings… Our truest selves, whole, complete and perfect, our real lives, indefinable and definable, are as divine, tangible realities… As earthly child we receive both verbal and non-verbal instructions from that and those around us, a way of life… a way of being… If these instructions are in tune with our truest selves, a self that experiences his/herself and the world as friendly, our existences will invariably be pleasurable and glorious…  What we continue to reflect, throughout our lives, from our own minds, hearts and bodies, are collected and projected innate and contrived sounds, feelings and visions… What we hear, feel and see, internally and externally, is vital to our awareness, growth and livelihoods… to our experience as both spirit and physical beings… It is only by God’s pure love I allow myself to be made…

(Be)rth… Be ~ To exist… To live… I am alive… I am free… Therefore, I will… to be the only one who now gives birth to me… to conceive, to imagine, to dream and to create my life as I choose… As formless spirit I am whole, complete and perfect… As physical form I am whole, complete and perfect… Inside of me and external to my being there exists a Friendly Universe… I was once told that I am in the world but not of it, yet only one world could’ve given birth to me, as I can only give birth to one world… a world made and sustained by pure love… I am pure love, invariably in it and of it… First I felt and heard you, pure love, your music, in the womb of God… Again, I felt and heard you in the womb of my natural mother… Too, I felt and heard your delicate touch and soft song through my biological father… Pure love… In and out of time I have come to more deeply know you inside of me… where you have always been…. Your music delicately caresses and sings to my inner world and creates me, all of me, inside and out, meticulously and beautifully… I am made again and again in the likeness of your love, therefore, my total life can only reflect your life abundantly and eternally… I am life… I am being…  I am pure love…

I am… life… being… pure love…  Divine and glorious light… Truth resonating harmony, purity, balance, simplicity, beauty, peace, joy, happiness, prosperity…the splendid song, thoughts, imaginations and dreams I myself dream… the miraculous realities I myself have conceived… I will to be more… I will to be less… simultaneously… Wisdom requires me to be so… In being more, I live my greatest potentials… In being less, I live as a clean vessel… As I continue this life… this walk… this magical dance… I shall go forth into every experience, boundlessly, for my spirit, my soul, my mind, my heart and my body have been born liberated and will remain so… I am who and what I am… Who and what I choose to be… Who and what I will to be… I am what touch, sight and words cannot grasp or describe, and yet I am too…poetry—the song of God’s perfect tenderness…come into a magnificent world, being…

I allow my light to shine brightly for you, those who are here now, and those who’ve yet to come forth into the world made manifest … More importantly, I allow my light to shine brightly for me… Affirming I am indeed, fully alive, entirely free, optimally healthy and well, and beautifully and joyfully prospering… It is my will…

biashedo™ ~ My Universe Is Friendly, Inside and Out… And So Is Yours…

Stay tuned for track 4 of 17… There’s more Nude Music coming your way… Life is Good

 Photography: Partners In Goodwill (P.I.G.) ~

Imagery Concept: Partners In Goodwill (P.I.G.) ~

Sustainable (Un)Clothing : Unif(eyed) Colors Campaign (UCC) ~

For more about me and my life views visit, and pickup my latest book, “Rise & Reach: Life and Leadership” or all of my books, there’s currently a total of 7, at: … This latest project, “My Recycled Life… Within The Compilation of (Un)Framed Music…” was inspired by Chapter 10  ~ Doing More That Matters … written in the book  “Rise & Reach: Life and Leadership” This track, Track Three: (Bi/Be)rth and Track Two: (Un)Mask, were inspired by Chapter 5 ~ The Promise… It begins with the following quote:

That a man can change himself, improve himself, recreate himself,

control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion

of every mind that is wide awake to the power of right thought in

constructive action.     ~ Christian D. Larsen

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