My Recycled Life… Within The Compilation of Un(Framed) Music… Hashtag: #NudeMusic

Dana Rondel ... Mood Changes, But Still Feelin' Good Inside and Out...
Dana Rondel … Mood Changes, But Still Feelin’ Good Inside and Out… Life Is Always Golden…

Liner Notes (Inside Cover, Part I):

It was time again…to give me to myself… When I did, my life became immeasurably blessed… The thought to do so made itself consciously present on more than one occasion during my more mature years… As a child, I gave myself to me often; therefore, I never had to be reminded about such a thing… There was no shortage of sheltering attention, self-engagement and play in my life… As a precocious teenager having adult-like tendencies (whatever those are), there was no shortage of responsibility… Getup on time… Clean your body… Brush your teeth… Dress smart… Do your hair… Go to school… Show up on time… Get good grades… Perform well at work… Save money… Etc… Etc… Etc… I learned that responsibility causes me to take into account what is required from me to live a better life. It is just as much about being who and what we are required to be for ourselves, as it is about who and what we are required to be for others… I came to a deeper understanding of this truth through the science of meditation (tuning into the inner, organic biology of the body) and the art of meditation (sustaining the outer, physical balance and health of the body)…

Meditation is not simply the practice of shifting the thought mind into stillness and silence; it is our ability to be with ourselves, wholly, whether resting, sitting, walking, running, engaged in other activities, with one self only, in the company of someone else or multiple people, etc… and being entirely at ease… It is more than anything else, at least for me, our ability to speak and listen to God without the utterance of thoughts, words and requests… Meditation teaches us that by fully engaging ourselves we come into a richer relationship with God. In this more in-depth relationship with ourselves and God, we live in alignment with the organic music that makes and sustains us, rather than rely on the countless rhythms of our transitory and temporal world to do so… In essence, meditation is restful engagement with ourselves and God, a natural state of being that we can experience regardless of where we are, what we are doing and who we are with… Words I am fond of, to still and silence my total being, which is only a small part of my meditative ritual, is, I rest within myself. I find deep comfort in these words, for I know that in me there is perfection, harmony, wholeness, health and well-being… I am born in me and give birth to myself as the one who I am choosing to be…WholeCompletePerfectFree

I am free… My life as un(framed) plainly means that there are parts of my life that can be captured within frames: camera frames, TV frames, magazine frames, book frames, radio frames, natural environment frames, social frames, family frames, friendship frames, relationship frames, and so on…, but there is also much of myself, my life, that is too big for any frame and therefore, un-obtainable… It is only with a healthy, unfettered imagination that you might witness glimpses of these boundless frequencies of me… In so doing, you too will come to behold in your own mind’s eye, the most magnificent, yet truly indescribable and larger than life expressions of you… There’s only one requirement to experience these magical and insightful moments of our lives—Live

Dana Rondel ~ Unif(eyed) Colors Campaign ~ Imagery Concept w/ Triple S Forte ~ Softness, Sensuality and Sexuality ...
Dana Rondel ~ Unif(eyed) Colors Campaign ~ Imagery Concept w/ Triple S Forte ~ Softness, Sensuality and Sexuality

Liner Notes (Inside Cover, Part II):

I do not wear prescription glasses, but I love wearing designer, non-prescription glasses as statement pieces and allowing my life to be captured within the frame of ‘cultivated rhythmic fashion.’  I see myself differently while wearing glasses, and I’m sure that others do too… The frame of mind in which I or another might observe me depends on many things… Yet I think it’s mood more so than anything else… How we feel can vary our perception of our own or someone else’s style. When I wear glasses, perhaps I am figuratively adjusting my perception of myself and life overall, in order that I am able to see what is real—all of life, including my own, as vibrant and glorious… When my glasses are off, my mental and physical eyes set the tone of my life, letting me see the canvas of life as clear and ready to be colored by my limitless imagination… Whether I wear glasses or not, my vision is unburdened, for my mind and imagination are liberated…

I have always loved fashion, especially recycling fashion…Changing-up clothing, making existing articles, new again… Within the frame of my Unif(eyed) Colors Campaign (UCC) initiative, I prefer to call vintage clothing, “sustainable fashion.” Sustainable fashion consists of timeless articles of designed fabric, re-designed for the modern age… It is fashion that never goes out of style, even if it has been said to be outdated… In my opinion, no article of clothing or accessory ever goes out of style. Mostly because clothing doesn’t give us style, we give clothing style… We are told that clothing dresses us, but I believe we dress clothing, thoughtfully, emotionally and physically… To give this statement substance, I decided to review my current wardrobe, take from it, pieces of clothing and various accessories and put them together without any thought of whether anything matched or not… This is my life… I put together thoughts, feelings, words, clothing, accessories, people, music, colors and more, without any consideration regarding what and who matches… Love simply compliments love… You might need to put your glasses on for this one… In the frame of my world, everyone and everything is love, and is always in style… Love Is Timeless

All of what I’ve written and everything else I will share as part of my recycled life compilation of (un)framed music, I’ve condensed into what I am entitling, Nude Music

Stay tuned for track 1 of 17… There’s more Nude Music coming your way… Life is Good

Mood Changer: The Triple S Forte (TSF) is applied to my fashion décor to add Softness, Sensuality and Sexiness… I believe in givin’ the people a little more somethin’ they can feel

Photography: Partners In Goodwill (P.I.G.) ~

Imagery Concept: Partners In Goodwill (P.I.G.) ~

Clothing Design: Unif(eyed) Colors Campaign (UCC) ~

For more about me and my life views visit, and pickup my latest book, “Rise & Reach: Life and Leadership” or all of my books, there’s currently a total of 7, at: … This latest project, “My Recycled Life… Within The Compilation of (Un)Framed Music…” was inspired by Chapter 10  ~ Doing More That Matters … written in the book  “Rise & Reach: Life and Leadership”

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  1. maurisa2jayden says:

    Hey Dana. Hope all is well. Whenever  u r having any event or know of any can u let me know. I’ve  been doing a lot more this year. 

    Sent on a Boost Samsung Galaxy S® III


  2. William M. Brown says:

    Dear Daughter continue doing Dana..Be Happy..Stay in touch with your creative genius! “A Flower Has Its Own Song”..William M. Brown


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