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There are those who, because of their limited understanding of the invisible, spiritual world, and its laws and principles, too have little knowing about what actually leads us away from our organic state of perfect health. Perfect health allows for a beautifully lived life, a life greatly influenced by our perception of God, of self, of others and of the world. Therefore, it is vital that we strive to do what is basic and natural to sustain perfect health… Know Thy Own Mind & Heart and Body…


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Wisdom In New Dimensions (WIND) looks forward to growing others’ awareness globally. The primary means of doing so, is by sharing knowledge and wisdom gained through life study and experience. As a Spiritual Center (church), the focus is not only on the spiritual life, our fundamental relationship with God, but as well on our mental, emotional and physical self. True, positive and sustained spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health requires a wholistic approach which lets us focus on the full individual rather than on only part of an individual. The more we realize who and what we are as “spiritual human-beings” the more we conceive how much authority we have over our own lives…

How The Healthy Lives Campaign Has Made A Difference

  • HLC influenced a new language around health and its relationship with personal and community wealth.
  • HLC influences a culture of empowering rather than enabling, and has taught women, men and children to embrace their organic natures and natural body temples as sacred, beautiful, healthy and whole.
  • HLC has influenced local and national fitness gyms to become holistic facilities/centers focused on the whole person rather than on just the external physical body.
  • HLC has influenced the opening and/or implementing of more natural, organic juice bars and vegan/vegetarian options in  restaurants locally and nationally.
  • HLC has encouraged more innovative and leading-edge approaches to overall health and well-being.
  • HLC has positively changed people’s perceptions regarding personal health and well-being.
  • HLC has helped individuals, including medical doctors and Practitioners garner a better understanding of the mind and body connection, leading to more integrative practices.
  • HLC has encouraged the adopting/implementing of mindfulness/meditative practices in almost every professional field, including in: education, music, art, government, health, religion/spirituality and more…
  • HLC has encouraged more individuals to implement self-care and preventive practices as part of their personal/home routines.
  • HLC has encouraged individuals to become invested partners with their healthcare/holistic doctors and Practitioners.
  • HLC has developed educational curriculums and community/social dialogues that have changed the scope of our focus from sickness and dis-ease to health and well-being.
  • HLC has highlighted and boosted the careers of many holistic healthcare businesses and organizations due to our promoting holistic/naturopathic health as a viable and highly recommended healthcare option.

Preceding are several references regarding what the Healthy Lives Campaign has done and will continue to do. Your financial contributions and support will help to make our annual Healthy Lives Campaign broadcasts and community informationals successful. Please consider becoming a partner, sponsor, financial backer, Ambassador and/or volunteer. We look forward to working together…


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